Webb & Carey APC

Representative Cases

M.J. Fishing v. Underwriters at Lloyd's
Insurance bad faith case which resulted in $5.4 million compensatory verdict after seven week bifurcated jury trial before U.S. District Judge Schwartz; a confidential settlement was reached during punitive damage phase.


Pacific Micro-Computers v. Synergy Microsystems, Inc.
Defense of $14 million unfair competition and trade secret claims in five separate lawsuits stretching from San Diego to Boston and New Hampshire; bifurcated mini-trial before J.A.M.S. Judge Lopardo, settled after ruling.


Lancer v. Centric Orthodontics
Defense of unfair competition claims between two orthodontics manufacturers; settled before injunction trial; Prosecution of bad faith insurance claims under advertising injury coverage of C.G.L. policy, settled for $675,000.


Huck v. Organization Systems, Inc.
Directed verdict in copyright infringement jury trial before U.S.District Judge Schwartz; settlement of trade secret claims on appeal.


National Pump v. South Bay Diesel
Defense of unfair competition and trade secret claims; settled after defeating plaintiff's application for preliminary injunction.


Defense of preliminary injunction sought in unfair competition case between two of the top five auto extended warranty guarantors.


Talent Tree v. Eleventh Hour
Unfair competition claims between two temporary employment services in Orange County, Calif. and Phoenix, Arizona; settled
after defeating preliminary injunction.


Industrial Indemnity v. Cubic Corp.

Insurance coverage dispute concerning underlying patent infringement claims; summary judgment upheld by Federal Circuit.

Certified Folder v. Digital Equipment Corp.
Negotiation of computer system dispute with major computermanufacturer.


U.S. v. C. Arnholt Smith, Chase Manhattan, First Chicago

Defense verdict trial before U.S. District Judge Turrentine against claim by the I.R.S for proceeds of the sale of the Padres Baseball Team.


Exxon and Arco v. Standard Oil of Ohio
Prosecution of challenge to arbitrators' $6 billion award inPrudhoe Bay fuel gas supply price arbitration.


United Airlines v. Eric Freed
Prosecution of fraud action in multimillion dollar frequent flyer mileage scam; settled for return of million dollar home, Rolls-Royce, and diamond.


Arthur v. Lomas Santa Fe
Defense of real property fraud, breach of contract concerning ownership of Lomas Santa Fe golf course; settled after summary judgment granted.


Wilkins v. Crossman Arms
Nonsuit after opening statement in products liability jury trial of claim by paintball rifle owner before Judge Adams.


Ward v. Kidde
Defense of product liability asphyxiation by CO2 from fire suppression equipment; summary judgement for Kidde.


U.S. Fire Insurance Co. v. International Consociates, S.A.
Defense of broker liability claims in maritime bad faith action filed by Belize scrap iron shipper after sinking of vessel; settled for cost of defense after opening statements before jury.


Bank of San Pedro v. Southwest Marine
Obtained $25 million judgment arising out of the sinking of Princess Louise cruise ship in Los Angeles Harbor; prosecution of bad faith claims against Lloyds’ underwriters and General Accident Ins. Co.


Premier Food Service v. Maureen O’Connor and SDCCC
Prosecuted appeal of antitrust and interference with contract claim against former San Diego Mayor and Convention Center.


Ellis v. Upper Deck Co. and Upper Deck Authenticated
Prosecuting appeal and bad faith claims against Chubb Group for failure to defend trade secret infringement claims arising out of wrongful termination against public policy involving $5 million fraud perpetrated against Mickey Mantle and other major league athletes.


Schroeder v. Sea Trec, Excess Ins. Co., & Hull & Co. Inc.
Prosecution to $865,000 judgment against barge charterer; prosecution of bad faith claims against London underwriters and brokers.

Jamul Indian Village v. Townsend, BIA, Dept. Of Interior
Prosecution in federal, state and tribal court of claims for mismanagement of Jamul tribal assets.


M&F Fishing and C&F Fishing v. SeaPac Insurance Managers & Brown & Brown Inc.
Prosecution of $20 million representative class action unfair competition claims for restitution against unlicensed Washington insurance brokers.


M&F Fishing v. Copitas
Prosecution of $10 million hull damage claims against substitute custodian of vessel under arrest in American Samoa.


Castagnola v. Sea Pac Insurance Managers & Brown & Brown Inc.
Prosecution of $10 million bad faith and unfair competition claims against Non-Admitted Hull Underwriters and Washington Insurance Brokers.


Rosales v. Off Duty Officers, Inc.
Prosecution of multi-million dollar civil rights claims for desecration of Native American human remains, assault and battery in eviction of Native Americans from their homes.


Authorized City Towers v. AutoReturn
Prosecution of unfair competition claims for breach of an exclusive software license for city towing services in San Diego.


San Luis Rey Downs v California Horse Racing Board
Prosecution of unfair competition claims against CHRB and several horse racing tracks for damages arising from violations of the California Horseracing Law.